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Summary of Activities to Date

Davidee, one of the students, enjoys trying out some new hearing equipment.   Since the award of the Arctic Inspiration Prize on January 27, 2016, to November of 2017, Bheny has: installed 173 sound field systems in 13 schools – in Pond Inlet, Pangnirtung, Igloolik, Iqaluit (Nakasuk and Joamie Schools), Hall Beach, Grise Fjord, Resolute, […]

Bheny Doll Raises Awareness

Lu Eccles, a Bheny supporter was inspired by the Bheny logo to knit a doll like it. The result was adorable, even to tiny thumbs, and people were drawn to discuss it. A conversation starter to talk about hearing issues in Qikiqtani was born. Knitting kits with instructions and yarn were packaged and sold for […]

Instruction Videos Created

Arlene Komangapik, Student Support Assistant from Ulaajuk School in Pond Inlet, Nunavut, traveled to Southern Ontario to help create sound field system training videos, a project supported by Phonak Canada (manufacturer of the sound field systems used by Bheny).  Arlene recorded videos on topics such as how to use the systems and accessories, and how […]

Behind the Scenes Look at Creating a Training Video

To help with Soundfield system training we are creating training videos explaining key aspects. Here is a behind the scenes look at team member Ningeola Tiglik describing how to put the Inspiro transmitter and microphone on. These videos will be permanently available to each school for them to train future teachers and Student Support Assistants, […]

Above and Beyond Article – Bheny Program Achieving Success

Thanks to Above and Beyond – Canada’s Arctic Journal for sharing an article about Bheny’s launch in Attaguttaaluk Elementary School in Igloolik and Nakasuk Elementary School in Iqaluit. “The benefit is that teachers don’t have to strain their voices to be heard while all students, particularly those with mild hearing loss, either temporary or permanent, […]

How a Career in Hearing Loss can Break Canada’s Sound Barrier –

The Bheny project was highlighted in the recent issue of Macleans magazine – our thanks to Macleans for helping us to raise awareness of the need for more audiology services in the North! As written in Macleans, “The need to improve the education of Indigenous children is more timely than ever after the challenges unveiled […]

Successful Launches in Igloolik and Nakasuk

Soundfield equipment was successfully installed: 21 in Igloolik and 24 in Nakasuk schools. SSA’s, teachers and administration were trained, enthusiastically adopting the new equipment and welcoming the attention for hearing loss. Jennifer McGee, the new Student Support Consultant was a crucial contributor in this launch given that she will be the lead in launching the […]

Presentation at Nunavut Principals Conference

Lynne McCurdy and Barb Holmes presented at the Principals’ Conference in Iqaluit which was attended by John McDonald, Assistant Deputy Minister of Education. The presentation about Bheny and hearing loss in children was well received and during a lengthy question period that followed, many commented on the need for better identification and management of children […]

Hear the World Foundation Donation

We are extremely grateful to @Heartheworldfoundation which has generously funded the purchase of soundfield equipment for seven Qikiqtani schools. The Foundation is committed to improve the quality of life and promote equal opportunities for people with hearing loss globally. For more information about their many projects around the world see their website. FM Systems for […]

Highlights of Successful Pond Inlet and Pangnirtung Launch

Student Support Assistants  (SSAs)  were trained in each community to be the local “experts”.  Teachers were also trained in larger groups and hands on training was provided to all. We had a successful Hearing Fair that allowed children and their families to learn more about hearing and hearing loss. Thanks to Keith Wyatt for installing […]

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